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Garage Mania rivenditore di Gladiator

About us


Present in the market since 2011.

The Garage Mania team is ready to carry out the custom interior design for your garage.

Our Interior Designers specialize in designing interiors that are functional, comfortable and suitable for each individual room.

We are official dealers of Gladiator® and TRMGarage® products!

Ask our team of experts for a free online consultation!

The most suitable solution for setting up your garage is just a click away.
And remember, the Garage is not just a garage… IT’S YOUR BEST FRIEND!
And it must be treated as it deserves.

Our projects are made only for those like us. The Crazy for the Garage.

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Discover our furniture products online:

  • Accessories
  • Wardrobes
  • Cabinets
  • Tool trolleys
  • Hooks
  • Kit
  • Shelves and Containers
  • Floors
  • Shelving
  • Wall systems
  • Tables

Our company distributes Gladiator® products, manufactured by the American group Whirlpool Corporation, exclusively in Italy, Switzerland and the south of France.

In addition to providing assistance and tailor-made estimates, we use professional installers and Planzer transport, to ensure a quick and safe delivery service.

Our Gladiator® products are guaranteed for 10 years by Whirlpool®, UL certified and subjected to laboratory tests.

All our hooks, furniture and wall systems are tested under maximum load at -34 ° C and 66 ° C.
Our cabinets are quadrupled weight tested at -18 ° C and 49 ° C.

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