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Have no idea how to organize the space in your garage?

Check out Garage Mania’s complete guide to better organize your garage!

8 helpful tips on how to organize your garage space easily and lastingly.

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With Geartrack® rails or Gearwall® panels, you can make atractive walls where you can place your items.

A nice arrangement on the wall panel will give you a sense of order like you haven’t had before.

It depends on what and how many tools you have and also on the size of the walls available.

You can also think about dedicated wall systems by industry:

  • Sports
  • Hobbies
  • Gardening
  • Auto Motorcycle



Make better use of your garage space and eliminate things resting on the floor!

You can use, for example, Garage Mania’s wide variety of hooks to keep your items, tools, equipment suspended.

Or, for smaller tools you can use the shelves and containers.

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Once you’ve arranged your garage walls, it’s time to choose the right cabinets and lockers.

Cabinets are the ideal space-saving solution for small, cramped rooms. They can be hung on the wall, generating floor space, or placed on the floor.

In addition to cabinets, closets are also an excellent solution for storing one’s materials.

Built-in cabinets can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall.

Our cabinets suit all environments. They have a sturdy construction and are durable.


Choose Tool TROLLEYS and TOOLS

With tool carts, all your professional tools will have their rightful place in your garage.

With wheels mounted to the feet, you can transport your tool cart anywhere you want. Suitable for any environment, and to be moved on any surface, Garage Mania carts are strong and durable.

Inside the cart you can also store Kraftwerk Tools.

These tools are much more durable than ordinary tools, all products in the Kraftwerk® range are tested, inspected and certified by a staff of technicians, constantly updated in safety and innovation.

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Choose the TABLE

The table is definitely an essential piece of furniture for one’s garage. Garage Mania tables are made from the highest quality Gladiator® wood shelves.

The super-strong steel, used as a base for the workbench, allows the entire table to provide adequate structure for heavy weights.

Ideal for making small everyday repairs or as a support shelf for your garage equipment.

In addition to the tables you can opt for a custom steel or MDF workstation kit, a very effective solution even if you have limited space.



Shelving units are the ideal solution for optimizing space.

Great for supporting even heavy loads, they are quick and easy to assemble.

Gladiator® shelving is synonymous with quality and durability. So much so that they are used in a wide variety of environments.

The high quality of the welded steel, allows an excellent hold even in the wettest environments. This is why they are also ideal solutions for reorganizing space in cellars and basements.

Shelving can also be ceiling-mounted, which is ideal for freeing up floor space and arranging bulky, heavy and large objects.

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Arredamento Garage


Choose the FLOOR

The final key step to having a unique and functional garage is the choice of flooring.

Original RaceDeck® interlocking floors are durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and suitable for any environment.

RaceDeck® signature tiles are synonymous with quality and durability. They also come in a variety of colors, and you can make your own floor by alternating several different colors, or with custom designs.

But you can also create a space delimited by the special perimeter profiles.



Station Kits, are an excellent complete and easy-to-use solution for furnishing the garage.

Different compositions are available, functional and effective, conceived and created by our designers.

Station Kits can be made of steel signed Gladiator®, or, of MDF signed TRM Garage®.

Kit Postazione MDF
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Do you want to build a custom garage?

The Garage Mania team is here to advise you free of charge on the perfect solution for you.

One that respects your needs and meets your requirements.

Contact us to make your custom project together!

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