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Complete workstation Gladiator® PKT01

Gladiator® PKT01 complete workstation by Garage Mania.

With this complete workstation, it is possible to have a solution consisting of a table and tool trolleys.

Workstation composed of a height-adjustable table with Hardwood top.

Two tool trolleys on wheels, and two steel cabinets hanging on Gladiator® rails.

The PKT01 Gladiator workstation is a must have for furnishing your garage.

This solution consists of a complete package, which includes:

  • N. 1 table 183×64 H 72-107 cm
  • N. 4 guides 122x 15 cm
  • N. 4 side caps
  • N. 2 steel cabinets 76x76x30 cm
  • N. 2 trolleys on wheels (a trolley with drawers and a trolley with doors)
  • Matching Color Screws (Pack of 32)

Request a customized workstation. Designed especially for you, according to your needs, by the Garage Mania team!

CHF 3.750,00 VAT included

Additional product information




Anthracite, Wood and anthracite


Steel, Wood


To the ground




1 piece


10 years

Our Gladiator® products are guaranteed for 10 years by Whirlpool®, UL certified and subjected to laboratory tests.

All our hooks, furniture and wall systems are tested under maximum load and at -34 ° C and 66 ° C.

The cabinets are quadrupled weight tested at -18 ° C and 49 ° C.

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