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Gearwall Profile (6-pack) Gladiator® GAWT086PBY

Gladiator® Gearwall Panel Profile (6-pack) GAWT086PBY by Garage Mania. 14.64 million.

This special profile is used to give the classic “finished look” to GearWall® Gladiator panels.

Ideal for perimeter finishes, it can also be used as a frame for electrical sockets, light switches and other wall devices.

This profile gives a finished and professional look to the entire wall system, made with the panels.

It has several applications, and its color is the same as the panels of the Gladiator® line.

Excellent solution for delimiting the profiles of your equipped wall.

Use Gearwall Panel Profiles to achieve a clean and tidy environment.

Avoid the risk of dust, and make your work environment safe, with the Gearwall® panel profile!

CHF 80.00 VAT included

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244 cm


4.4 cm


1,9 cm



Our Gladiator® products are guaranteed for 10 years by Whirlpool®, UL certified and subjected to laboratory tests.

All our hooks, furniture and wall systems are tested under maximum load and at -34 ° C and 66 ° C.

The cabinets are quadrupled weight tested at -18 ° C and 49 ° C.

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