Gladiator® GAWC4S2PLM Geartrack® wall mounting rails 122x15 cm (2 pack) - Garage Mania
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Gladiator® GAWC4S2PLM Geartrack® wall mounting rails 122×15 cm (2 pack)

Create a beautiful storage wall with the sturdy GearTrack® slides.

This way you can use the walls for storage! You will free the floor from clutter and optimise space. You will have flexible solutions that will transform your garage into a truly functional environment.

These Geatrack® rails, available in 122 cm modules, are smoke coloured.

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, their installation is quick and easy.

They adapt to masonry or wooden walls, and also to the support structure of plasterboard walls.

They are compatible with all Gladiator® wall hooks and GearBox® wall cabinets.

The patented double groove guide securely locks the accessories to the wall.

It is compatible with all Gladiator® wall fittings and has a load capacity of 112 kg per running metre.

CHF 85,00 VAT included

Additional product information


15 cm


122 cm


2 cm

Maximum flow rate per metre

112 kg

Maximum capacity per rail

136 kg




2 pieces


10 years

Our Gladiator® products are guaranteed for 10 years by Whirlpool®, UL certified and subjected to laboratory tests.

All our hooks, furniture and wall systems are tested under maximum load and at -34 ° C and 66 ° C.

The cabinets are quadrupled weight tested at -18 ° C and 49 ° C.

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