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Gladiator® golf bag holder 70x108x38 GAWUXXGFTG

Gladiator® golf bag holder 70x108x38 GAWUXXGFTG Garage Mania.

With the Golf Caddy Gladiator your golf equipment will always have its own dedicated space. In order and ready to use.

The sturdy, capacious steel structure is designed to accommodate two extra-large golf bags, as well as other equipment, such as balls and shoes.

In fact, the lower shelf is an excellent solution to use as a shelf for objects. Shoes included.

Install this special golf bag holder on the wall, with the Gladiator® wall systems. Garage Mania is official dealer.

Find the ideal solution to organize your garage space with Garage Mania!

CHF 205,00 VAT included

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108 cm


38 cm


70 cm

Maximum capacity

34 kg


10 years

Our Gladiator® products are guaranteed for 10 years by Whirlpool®, UL certified and subjected to laboratory tests.

All our hooks, furniture and wall systems are tested under maximum load and at -34 ° C and 66 ° C.

The cabinets are quadrupled weight tested at -18 ° C and 49 ° C.

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