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RaceDeck® Red Diamond Floor Tile GWE48RED

RaceDeck Red Diamond Floor Tile. Pack of 48 pieces GWE48RED.

GWE® Diamond Tiles:

GWE® Diamond is the best-selling on the market. Rugged, durable and designed for heavy use, its high-tech appearance is also highly regarded by dealers and garage owners. Available in 10 standard colors; custom colors with and without logo are available upon request.

  • The most popular model in the world, multi-patented.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its design.
  • Available in 30cm * 30cm
  • Its special patented frame guarantees continuous ventilation, minimizing the risk of mold in humid environments.
  • The Interlock connectors are an integral part of the frame once the slabs have been laid, making the floor much more resistant than a traditional floor.
  • GWE Diamond floors are perfect for garages, basements, aircraft hangars, commercial garages, trade show display floors and more. The installation of GWE does not require glues or chemicals and is interlocking.
  • Price per m2: 65 €
  • Supports moving vehicle loads of up to 35 tons. Resistant to most household chemicals, 100% waterproof. Stain resistant and easy to clean.

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30,5 cm


30.5 cm


13 mm

Coverage area

4,47 mq






To the ground




48 pieces


15 years

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